Rack up tons of followers without breaking a sweat!

In a nut shell
Follows a new random Instagram user every minute and after 48 hours un-follows it.
Why using it?
This system is basically is door to door digital marketing. You like what you see? Then follow me back. This system gets you real users without harassing them.
FanCrawl saves your original followers list and make sure not to temper with those ever!

Follow me if you dare

By automatically marrying users to a belly of other random IG users, the user is still in control of what they like or do not like within their feed.

Ultimately, the choice to follow back or interact with the IG user is left completely to them.

smartphone friendly

FanCrawl is coded in such a way that you access it directly from the palm of your hand. See precisely how many new followers you gain instantly.

Not only that, but should you wish to FanCrawl can send you notifications by email related to performance information.

Some benchmark data

3.5 times increase in followers in 1/10th of the time effortlessly

Days Status Followers Date
~ Registered with Instagram 0 23 sep 2013
+318 Start FanCrawl 141 06 aug 2014
+44 Sampled FanCrawl 650 18 sep 2014

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